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Bedbugs - Ben H. Winters I first learned about Winters by browsing the Quirk Books site (coming there after I received an announcement for Horrorstor - a book about haunted IKEA like furniture store - an idea which itself sounded so utterly harebrained that transcended into greatness).
Qirk Books are amazing - wonderfully packaged and full of unbelievable titles like William Shakespeare’s The Jedi Doth Return. And they use ever more popular feature - trailers for books!
I myself have to say I find that idea fantastic. Why would only movies get trailers?
So there I was traversing the site when I encountered The Last Policeman. Having learned that it won The 2013 Edgar Award, and after I read the synopsis and watched the trailer(!) I decided I will definitely read it. I was just put off from starting immediately by the fact that it is a beginning of a trilogy. Instead I looked at other book by the same author and came upon Bedbugs. I love horror and the trailer got me hooked and so the choice was made.

Though I have not expected much, still I hoped that there will be something more in it than a mix of a Dorian Gray and Rosemary's baby. Style is simple and it is a quick read, yet characters are stereotyped and unimaginative and there is way too much bedbugs repeating along with some unnecessary brand mentioning. There are couple of side scenes that never came to much but with a genuine haunting overtone (mother killing her babies, book about Shadow Species) but the real (alas unfulfilled) potential was in the main character's slow degrading into madness. Too bad it turned into a simple splatterpunk in the end.

This story would make a fantastic movie script (as obvious from the trailer :)