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This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate

This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate - Naomi Klein I got this book through Goodreads giveaways (thank you Penguin, Goodreads and Naomi Klein :) - it was my very first try at giveaways and I got lucky.

Having read previous books by Ms. Klein I was so excited about this one. Both of the previous were eye opening, thought provoking and engaging and this one is nothing less. Even more, you can see the author's matureness as the book is meticulously organized (the facts and the extensive research need no special mentioning as they are something we grew to expect from Ms. Klein).

This book deals with tough questions. It is also in a way a continuation of [b:The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism|1237300|The Shock Doctrine The Rise of Disaster Capitalism|Naomi Klein|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1402242840s/1237300.jpg|2826418]. As shocking as The Shock Doctrine was and however important things discussed there, it still had an air of something out of our own control. Forces of certain governments, secret agencies and the liberal capitalism itself felt more like a natural catastrophes then something ordinary people can deal with and change (metaphor intended as This Changes Everything deals exactly with natural catastrophes and how we can respond to them).

And the answer to the question of global warming is where this book shines - it manages to explain how can we ourselves - everyday and ordinary people - change everything by acting locally and in our own neighbourhood. It brings back the basics of humanity - care about your neighbours and care about the nature - and shows that they can mean much more and be a powerful weapon, not only against inequalities but also for the continuous and improved existence.

The very introduction to this book should be a compulsory read for anybody wanting to make a meaningful life in modern society. In itself it explains the problem and the underlying cause and also suggests an answer. The rest of the book gives arguments and strengthens the belief that we are on the precipice with change being not only imminent but required too. During the course of my reading, the very newspapers articles being published came to prove certain facts in the book (e.g. article about Gates foundation: http://www.grain.org/article/entries/5064-how-does-the-gates-foundation-spend-its-money-to-feed-the-world and No Messiahs: The Green Billionaires Won't Save Us)

Only part of the book I found implicitly problematic deals with the Blockadia movement. Though it is obvious that it is a right kind of movement, the way Ms. Klein presented it gives impression that only people involved in it love their surroundings enough to actually do something. In reality it is painfully obvious that it is the combination of two facts: pollution coming to the developed west's own backyard and a glorious loophole found in treaties signed with indigenous nations long time ago. We were lucky that those two facts together provide significant stand for moving the fight where it really matters - to the owners of global corporations and governments of leading industrialized countries and upcoming successors. It is not true that things were different before and that people elsewhere (in less developed parts) love the land where they live any less. I am certain that Ms. Klein hasn't done that intentionally as her regards towards the movement and people fighting for their own rights everywhere are clear and have been that way forever, yet her huge enthusiasm about it made others seem insignificant. It is a presentation thing and I believe that it will be changed in future editions.

The ending of the book provides a long lasting inspiration for changing our own attitudes. It is a clear moral voice pointing out that to deal with climate changes today means to finish the process of liberation. We still have a legacy of continued discrimination, double standards and entrenched poverty and it is mirrored in the way we treat Earth. Hopefully, the solution to one problem will solve others too.

This Changes Everything is in the first place an honest book. It is also a guide to better life - individually and together as species with the planet we inhabit. Thank you Ms. Klein for showing us the way.