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The Alcoholic

The Alcoholic - Jonathan Ames, Dean Haspiel It is a well known story, yet authors made it a joy to read. Not because of a likeable protagonist (which is a really nice sobering up from glorified alcoholic writers, as the protagonist himself notice) but of how much ordinary he is. He does not have any particular reasons for becoming alcoholic and he does not seem in control of things happening to him (either good or bad). He is a proper example of a modern man - morally not bad, but not exactly showing initiative to be good either, brooding on certain things in the past and without any remembrance of being happy at all. Even facing a world changing situation like 9/11 does not seem to have an effect on him beneath the surface. He is closed in his own little world but he is aware of that fact too. He even knows the way out - be humble - yet will he take it?
Does any of us take that way anymore?

Drawings make us glimpse the beauty in everyday life from time to time, yet they are not cringing from bad either - following our storyteller truthfully. They are the other reason why this graphic novel works so well.