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Lovecraft - Hans Rodionoff, Keith Giffen, Enrique Breccia, John Carpenter Lovecraft's outer worlds and elder gods long time ago became part of everyday culture yet still manage to achieve sense of uneasiness and dread that lingers for a while on everything they touch (when executed at least correctly in writings or like in this case in a graphic novel).
Though the story itself is not much (retelling of his life less aspiring than wiki article) and even has a lame excuse for a story within a story (In the Vault - one of lesser works of Lovecraft made even a bit more banal here), artwork makes up for it all. Beautiful colorings, figures left unfinished or with grey hatching, tentacled monsters (belonging more in video game though) and Arkham depictions manage to evoke that anxiety of something being out there (though not that close as in Lovecraft's work itself).
Best part and real hidden gem is wonderfully done scene of Houdini's performance with particularly inspired framing.