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(More than) Interesting story collection

Einstein's Beach House - Jacob Appel

*I received the ebook copy from Booklikes giveaway but this has not affected my review and rating in any way.

Stories in this collection really reminded me of Carver, and I think it as a compliment, too. Author chooses (more or less) ordinary situations in life of (more or less) ordinary characters, represent them truthfully yet makes them interesting in a style that makes you completely hooked and also compels you to thing about much more than just situation or characters or the story itself. That self reflecting impulse is what makes stories great.

Unfortunately, where these stories fall short of greatness is the ending. Endings feel like some pseudo psychoanalytical resolve, completely out of tune (you can feel it in some stories occasionally - unbelievably supportive partners, completely calm and understanding) with the tone of the stories. They feel artificial and break the momentum these stories build. To a much lesser degree, some of the stories have unnecessary Jewish references that do not resonate with the stories themselves in any noticeable way. If these things were a bit better realized, these stories would be magnificent!