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Jedan dan Ivana Denisoviča

Jedan dan Ivana Denisoviča - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Mira Lalić If there was possibility to write two reviews, I would use it for this book.

I first read it 15 years ago and I didn't like it. At that moment I was in my twenties and I couldn't fathom the optimism and even happiness that prevailed in this book set in one of the most horrible surroundings - Siberian Gulag.

But as I am closer to forties I suddenly remembered it during a conversation with my good friend. I tried to explain to him meaning of life as I see it and while I was talking I realized I was speaking of the same things as Solzhenitsyn...

So, three stars are unfortunate rating. This book deserves either 1 or 5 and as I gave it both (at different times) there it is.

Definitely worth reading.