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Stephen King's N.

N. - Alex Maleev, Marc Guggenheim, Stephen King In the beginning this adaptation started as mobisode series (one to one-and-a-half minute segments that could be downloaded easily on a mobile phone - entire series can be found on the internet) and it worked much better there. Once they decided to make it a comic adaptation too, Marc Guggenheim added some "new story beats" as he says in the afterword to the first part and he apologized in advance: "If there are elements herein that don't work for you or ring false, they're likely mine."
Well, those elements are the reason why this version is only ok, instead of being great.

The cover itself is amazing and a wonderful addition to the mobisode series. The beginning of the novel capture that aspect of the story that makes it so much stand out of the Just after sunset, and also from the recent King's work and makes it unforgettable. It is much more reminiscent of Ligotti and Barron - it just creeps on you and won't go away. Still it is definitely King (and in the background Lovecraft). Yet in this version whole fourth part is obviously forced and it has a completely different tone - it's more like the Running man adaptation with Schwarzenegger - simply not belonging here.