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Keith Haring

Keith Haring - Jeffrey Deitch, Julia Gruen, Suzanne Geiss, Kenny Scharf Simply amazing!

I first noticed this book in the shop in the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. I was immediately drawn to it. Not only because it stood out from the others with it's size and pink cover, but because it is a beautifully made book. I stood there turning page after page and in the end I was so sorry I had not room enough to take it with me (being of considerable weight and size).

It is a book that allegedly Keith had in mind to realize - a book that would document his career through his works. And the people who realized have done it with so much love that it is obvious and only appropriate for the name and deed of the artist whose own religion (in his own words) was: "touching people's lives in a positive way".

This is a book that will have you returning to it every once in a while and always fill you with so much energy. A book that would move you in a positive way.