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Elric: The Balance Lost, Vol. 12 (Elric: The Balance Lost, #12)

Elric: The Balance Lost, Vol. 12 (Elric: The Balance Lost, #12) - Michael Moorcock, Chris Roberson, Francesco Biagini The end of the whole series played to it's predictability and though it was a good idea, it's realization came a bit flat and forced and the end itself kind of rushed.

There were really big possibilities with this story - both on the excitement and the scope of canvas (whole multiverse), yet apart from some great monsters, ships, arms, props and few magnificent covers, characters are more sketches (not particularly great, too) and there is not much involvement for the reader. I am aware that this is sometimes problem with Moorcock novels too, but here was the chance to rectify that. Too bad it was missed.